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Dessau- Roßlau – Bauhaus, Elbe, Garden Realm

The neighbouring towns of Dessau and Roßlau joined together on July 1st 2007 to form a new independent double town named Dessau- Roßlau. The River Elbe flows between the two districts.

The city of Dessau- Roßlau and its surroundings are a rewarding destination for cultural and nature lovers alike. Here there are four UNESCO protected sites in such close confinement; more than anywhere else in Germany. The Bauhaus, the Masters House and the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Woerlitz, are all listed by UNESCO World Heritage, as are the Luther sites in Wittenberg, only 35 km away. The entire countryside, meadows and forests along the rivers Elbe and Mulde were designated by UNESCO as the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve and placed under protection.

While Dessau became famous as the Bauhaus city; Roßlau was considered a shipping town. Among some of the most important buildings in Roßlau is the Moated Castle dating back to the 12th century and the neo-classical buildings by the architect Bandhauer. The history of Dessau is inextricably linked to many big names like Kurt Weill, Wilhelm Mueller, and Moses Mendelssohn who were all born here. The Hugo Junkers’ Technical Museum displays the work of the aircraft pioneer. There are museums and galleries to discover while the large repertoire by the Anhalt Theatre and the numerous endless recreational activities will keep you enthralled.

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