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Welcome to Magdeburg – Cathedral City on the Elbe

First mentioned in the year 805 the diversity of Saxony Anhalt state capital still surprises after 1,200 years of eventful history. Magdeburg is one of the most fascinating cities in Germany.

The cultural heritage of the Magdeburg Cathedral makes it the most historically significant building in the city. It is the oldest Gothic cathedral in Germany and contains the tomb of Emperor Otto I the Great. The oldest building in Magdeburg and at the same time a pearl on the Romanesque Road is the Monastery of Our Lady (Unser Lieben Frauen Monastery). New attractions include the Millennium Tower, with its interactive exhibition as well as the Magdeburg Water Bridge the longest canal bridge in the world. Unmistakably, the Hundertwasser House "The Green Citadel of Magdeburg" shines in the middle of the city.

Magdeburg offers one of the greenest cities in Europe with extensive, idyllic parks and a unique river landscape.

For all your questions and for more information the team at the tourist information are happy to assist you. We can provide details on attractive holiday packages and offer a wide range of guided city tours. The Magdeburg tourist card is an ideal companion for your visit to this historic city.
We look forward to your visit to Magdeburg.

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