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Welcome to Halberstadt – your gateway to the Harz

Stone has become history, famous works of art, vibrant culture and stunning landscapes form the beautiful backdrop of a special kind. Visible from afar the silhouette from the churches dominates the skyline of Halberstadt and reveals more than 1.200 year history of the Episcopal city in the Harz.

In the heart of the city stands the Gothic Halberstadt Cathedral which houses an impressive cathedral treasury containing over 600 works of art, and the four-towered Church of our Lady, an impressive ensemble on the "Romanesque Road.". Within these winding streets of half-timbered buildings you will discover the world’s oldest giant wine barrel, the slowest piece of music in the world (John Cage organ art project), the chess village of Stroebeck, the cave dwellings in Langenstein, one of the finest libraries in Germany and an unexpected abundance of museums which all ensure a diverse stay. Go on a journey of discovery in the ancient Cathedral City.

Learn more about the famous Halberstadt sausages and take time to experience Halberstadt with your eyes, ears, palate and heart.


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