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Quedlinburg – UNESCO World Heritage at the edge of the Harz

Quedlinburg is rich in treasures. Where else would you find 1.500 half-timbered framed buildings spanning six centuries; a history that dates back to the birth of the Palatinate in the 10th century, and a prized cathedral treasure?

The thousand year old city of Quedlinburg acts as a blueprint to skilled craftsmanship. The cathedral treasury in the Collegiate Church St. Servatius is world famous. Founded 1.000 years ago by Heinrich I and continued by his successors and the Abbess of Quedlinburg. The special treasures include the ceremonial ivory jewel comb of Emperor Henry l, a Reliquary Box, the Carolingian precious inlaid stone Samuhel Gospels, the Servatius Reliquiar from the 10th century and a number of rock crystal receptacles.

In 1995 Quedlinburg was the first former East German town to be recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

 Rathaus und Gasse am Schlossberg - Jürgen Meusel


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