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Experience World Heritage between Harz and the Elbe

Seven cities stand out like cultural beacons across the state of Saxony-Anhalt and form as part of tourism cooperation the "Stadtsprung towns between Harz mountains and the Elbe river.” (this is an initiative to city hop different towns and get to know them). In addition to the towns of Halberstadt, Halle (Saale), the Ottonian Magdeburg, Naumburg and Wernigerode there are two UNESCO World Heritage towns, Dessau- Roßlau and Quedlinburg.

Under the motto "Access Free -World Heritage between Harz mountains and the Elbe river" seven cities have put together attractive day trip, which all have one thing in common: memorable moments in the heart of German history.

The seven Stadtsprung cities look forward to your visit.

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